Friday, September 20, 2013

The Menu - August Empties

I managed to finish off lots of stuff in August and I know it's a little late but I still thought it was worth mentioning these products. So lets get stuck in.

I loved the sample of the Tarte Amazonian Clay Double Detox Facial and if I didn't already have a considerable stash of clay masks, I would have definitely purchase the full size which is $38.00 for 2.64 oz and can be found here. By the way, this might be a limited edition which is a shame as the slip on this clay mask is great and I really felt like it cleaned my pores which is a great feeling.

The Cutex Moisture Gaurd nail polish remover is great for dry nails. I found that it wasn't as harsh as some of the other nail polish removers yet took off all my nail polishes without too much struggle (except glitter polishes which just do not budge!!!). I like this one, but I found the Equaline line of nail polish removers were 75c in my local drugstore so I had to buy them and they work great too.

Oooh onto two of my favourite products, the Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel is great but pricey so I have gone back to my Maybelline clear mascara but I do miss the BDB one, which I had featured in my May favourites post here. It contains only 3 ml of product which is tiny and costs a whopping $16 but if you are paitent this brand appears on Hautelook every 6 months (they were featured recently).

The other product I loved using was the Body Shop's Coconut Body Lotion. Let me just say that I am not a huge coconut scent loving person but this is just heavenly. The product is not thick but runny so I was very surprised to find that it is uber moisturising even though it is nice and runny. So wonderful, definitely a repurchase item in my books.

The first makeup item I have manged to finish off is the Clinique Quickliner lip liner ($15) in the colour cocoa rose, which is a burnt rose colour, a touch darker than my lip colour so worked beautifully for me. I also loved that it comes in a twist up form and is super creamy. I wish this was a little more affordable. I am currently using NYX lip liners which are very similar and cost me only $4.50 each. Bargain.

The second makeup product that I have finished and I am desperately depressed to see this end is my all time favourite hero mascara - Diorshow Extase mascara ($28.50). I was given a really decent sized sample of 4ml which lasted me a good 5 months and has finally dried out. This mascara does not clump, volumises and lengthens at the same time. For someone like me who's always in a rush, this is a great all round winner. Bit pricey <read crazy expensive> though since it's Dior.

I have a few skincare bits that I have finished and some of them I have had for a while so I am so glad to see them go.

The first is the St Ives Apricot scrub which is actually meant for the face but it's way to harsh for my face and I think this makes the perfect body scrub. Be warned that since this is not a sugar based scrub the particles in this scrub do not dissolve and are quite scrubby (which I love). I am currently using the Ritual scrubs when those finish, I have another one of these to use up. I like.

My clarisonic came with a refreshing gel cleanser sample (30 ml) which I have managed to use up. I really disliked the smell of this but it does make for a thorough cleanser. This product grew on me, but definitely not one I will go out and purchase.

Lastly, I am finally saying good bye to a 50 ml tube of the Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub. I adore this product and wish these were readily available in the States. I think this has one of my favourite scents and I may or may not have kept the empty tube on my desk to sniff for a week after the product was all gone before my disgusted husband threw it in the recycling bin!!

One of my favourite face primers is the ELF Mineral Infused primer in Lavender which I have talked at length here and only costs $6.00 for 15 ml which is great value. I am reusing the container (I unscrewed the pump and pushed the little container inside all the way down with my pinky and filled it with my Revlon Nearly Naked foundation which is lovely but annoyingly does not come with a pump. Clever, don't you think?

I also finished my Clinique Turnaround facial sample (15 ml) which is a clay based mask that isn't my favourite but worked OK.

I have about a zillion Elemis Eyes Awake Recovery Gel 3 ml samples. This is a clear eye gel that has an immediate cooling effect to de-puff eyes and moisturise the skin. I use these when I travel and really like them. If you are looking for a super rich eye cream, this is not it.

I finished off  my humongous 1 litre bottle of Neutrogena Body Oil which cost me $27 and I hate this product. It smells wierd, is barely moisturises and is quite expensive. Disappointed.

I have a really old nail polish that I used in August and realised that it's time to say good bye. The colour is a gorgeous raspberry pink but this has gone all gloopy on me. It's one of the ally cheap 17 Fast Finish Nail Polishes and I don't know the name of the shade. I picked this up when I lived in the UK, not sure if this brand is still around!

So there you have it, my empties for August. I am sorry for the super long post but I had quite a few things to mention. Did you guys manage to finish lots of products too? Tell me about your best and worst empties!


  1. Love Sanctuary products too, good choice!

  2. Awwwww I was eyeing that body oil.:( Didn't know elf made lavander primers. Interesting.

  3. Yeah, try just plain old coconut oil... it works just as well for a fraction of the cost.

  4. Yeah I do as well, they are so under valued on the blogosphere..

  5. Will do! But I'll look for one made for the body. Might attract some bugs if I used real coconut oil. :P

  6. Haha, or if you dont want the bugs to follow you, maybe try jasmine or almond oil? They are available online and in whole foods and ethnic supermarkets. Cheaper and nicer :)