Monday, May 13, 2013

The Look - FOTD

So this is a look that I sported today, it was a work day but I wanted something to jazz up my Monday and get rid of the Monday blues. I only used drugstore make up for this look. Oh and I'm sorry about the lighting, this were taken by me in my closet while pointing the camera at my mirror (see the last pic!). I will get my husband to take any future pictures of me until I master the timer on my camera. :)

Eyes - Maybelline color tattoo cream eyeshadow in Audacious Asphalt topped with a little bit of a generic silver eyeshadow (also available in India for Rs.350 here)
Lips - Maybelline color sensational vivids lipstick in Vibrant Mandarin
Face - Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in Warm Beige, no concealer
Blush - Revlon cream blush in Rosy Glow

 I like this look for the day, it's not the boring old nude eye with the lip gloss. It's something different and dead easy.


  1. I love that silver grey colour and orangey lip colour combo on you! I'm a big fan of silver grey eyeshadow. I'm almost out of mine but I wear it with pink lip glosses. I was bought a Bobbi Brown creme eyeshadow once which I adored but I'm too tight to replace it. Might have to try Maybeline!

  2. Well, the Colour Tattoo line that Maybeline has is exceptional. I still wear my Urban Decay eye primer underneath these as I think that makes them TOTALLY crease proof but you don't have to if you don't need them to last all day. Maybeline has come out with some Colour Tattoo Metal shades and then I think I saw a post about some limited edition colours (saw a mint green in there, which look fun). These should be on a 3 for 2 offer at Boots most days. Also, these make a great base for other shadows, really makes them pop. I was so impressed. I now have 8! :S