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Review of Landeva Organics goodies

Landeva Organics

This was the lovely package that arrived at my doorstep a couple of weeks ago. I have used all the products by now and think it's time for a review.

Landeva Organics is a luxurious skincare brand that only uses natural organic ingredients in their products. All their products are made in Canada and produced in small batches. Ever since I got pregnant and now with the baby coming soon, both my husband and I have switched to eating organic goods / produce and using more natural and organic skincare where possible. It's the attention to detail that is afforded by small niche brands like Landeva Organics that makes their products stand out as luxurious for me.

The first product that I tried was the Argan Oil and Frankincense Organic Serum ($23.56 for 50 ml). On Landeva's site, they describe this serum as - Treat your complexion to the benefits of two of the world's most precious natural extracts with Landeva Organics Argan Oil & Frankincense Serum. Fifty percent of the formula of this refreshing, nourishing serum comes from argan oil, an exotic natural oil gathered from trees of Morocco. A rich emollient, argan oil deeply hydrates the skin to leave it feeling softer and smoother. Pure frankincense is also included in the formula, providing anti-inflammatory benefits for the complexion. So precious that it was once reserved only for royalty, frankincense helps to balance the skin tissue to leave it perfectly conditioned.

Suitable for all skin types, Landeva Organics Argan Oil & Frankincense Serum is organic and 100 percent natural. The formula is enriched with camellia seed oil and vitamin E, which help to refresh and protect the skin tissue while improving radiance. Lavender oil completes the formula to offer calming benefits for the complexion. The lightweight serum becomes rapidly absorbed upon application, leaving behind no greasy residue that can clog the pores. A little goes a long way.

It comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a pump (hurray!), and smells incredible. The consistency is more like an oil so I have been using it as my everyday daytime moisturiser. I find that the hydration is enough for me and I don't have to actually use a moisturiser on top! I only need to use one pump for my entire face, so this generous sized bottle will last me forever.

Landeva Organics Argan Oil and Frankincense Organic Serum

The second product that I tried was the Activated Charcoal Detox Clay Mask ($17.69 for 100 g). Landeva Organics describes this product as - If your skin is plagued by signs of irritation, let the the Activated Charcoal Detox Clay Mask help to restore and revitalize it. When used weekly, this luxurious mask helps to keep the pores free of impurities while fighting microbes that give rise to acne and irritation. A blend of Activated Charcoal, Rhassoul, Willow Bark extract and honey work together to absorb oil, leaving the skin smooth and purified.

Activated Charcoal acts as a magnet to draw dirt out of pores, while willow bark helps provide relief from breakouts. Completely natural, the mask can be mixed with a variety of bases, including water, natural oils, honey or yogurt. Can be used as an overnight spot treatment.

I was beyond excited to try this mask. I suffer from large pores and the inevitable blackhead situation around my nose, both of these conditions are claimed to be addressed by this mask. I used it a couple of ways, I first tried it with lemon juice and little water and mixed it into a paste and that worked really well.  The second time I used plain yoghurt and that worked OK, however I got the proportions a little wrong so I had too much yoghurt and it became a little runny and I managed to spill a few drops on my t-shirt and then quite a few more around my bathroom. The black mask is indeed very black, so if you are clumsy like me, I'd have a towel ready to mop up any spills etc. But I do love the idea of a mask that is dry and you can mix it with any medium of your choice and see what works for you. Also, this way the shelf life is much longer and since the size is a huge 100 grams, that's definitely a bonus.

I have a small spot that might be trying to emerge on the side of my nose and this mask definitely seemed to curb it's progress. Just a word of warning, this mask does dry and there is some tightness that will be experienced (not unlike the GlamGlow masks) so make sure your skin can make it through using a clay mask. Personally I love it!

Landeva Organics Activated Charcoal Detox Clay Mask

The third product was a little tester of their Rose Nourishing Toner ($17.69 for 115 ml). Landeva Organics describes this as - For thousands of years, women have used the waters obtained from one of the world's most beautiful flowers to promote radiant, youthful complexions. Landeva Organics Rose Nourishing Toner is an all-natural formula that gently adjusts the pH levels of the skin to normalize oil production and leave the tissue perfectly hydrated and wonderfully soft. Not only is this toner a wonderful follow-up for your daily cleanser, but it can also be used to refresh and revive the complexion mid-day when feelings of tightness and dryness arise.

Landeva Organics Rose Nourishing Toner uses the best of what nature has to offer to nourish and moisturize your skin. Aloe vera is added to the formula to soothe irritation and treat the skin to an array of nutrients. Fruit and botanical extracts bring antioxidant protection to the skin, lessening the harmful effects of environmental free radicals that give rise to wrinkles and rob the complexion of radiance.

I am not a huge fan of using rose water on my face, I find it instantly drying and really not pleasant. So I did not like this product at all, but that's my personal opinion, I know lots of people love using rose water on their skin and if you are one of those people, you will love this product. I do love the way it smells, very herbal spa-like. I love that the full size comes in a glass bottle (fancy!) and comes with a great spray so no need for cotton pads.

Landeva Organics Rose Nourishing Toner

The last product that Landeva sent me was their Nourishing Detox Facial Soap ($7.96). It's a large grey soap, very intimidating looking, but here's what Landeva Organics had to say about it - A gentle, yet effective Exfoliating bar made with the Moroccan clay, activated Charcoal, goat’s milk and exotic oils and butters to purify the skin leaving it clean and soft. The Nourishing Detox Facial Soap is slightly scented with pure essential oils, chosen for their therapeutic benefits.
- 100% Natural.
- Contains large amount of Ghassoul clay and Charcoal.
- Gentle skin cleanser for all skin types and especially beneficial for problem skin.
- Mild face cleanser enriched with goat's milk, olive oil, Cocoa butter, and organic Shea butter.

I never use soap on my face and rarely do I use it on my body because I find it to be drying and unfortunately this soap also dried out my face a little, not as bad as some others but still it's not for me. I prefer my exfoliators and cleansers to come in a gel/cream/balm form. Having said that, if you suffer from extremely oily skin, or if you like and enjoy using soaps and find them really handy, this is a great one to try. Lots of lovely ingredients and no nasties. 

Landeva Organics Nourishing Detox Facial SoapLandeva Organics Nourishing Detox Facial Soap

Thanks to the kind people at Landeva Organics for sending me all the lovely products to try. I always love trying new products and especially when they are natural and organic! If you want to try any of these or other products from Landeva, head to their Etsy site here and they currently have a 30% off code LANDEVA30 which will give you 30% off all of their items.


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