Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kyoku for me Wind series Body Scrub and Body Wash and GIVEAWAY!

Kyoku for men is a skincare brand that has products that have been specifically designed for men and with a male skincare concerns in mind. They have a huge array of products, many targeting male acne, but they also do facial and body scrubs, body lotions and body washes. Their brand representative reached out to me and asked if my husband might be interested in trying a few of their products. I immediately said yes and within 2 days, their Elements (Wind) body wash and body scrub arrived at our door step. They have a range of these Elements products in Wind, Fire and Water varieties, which are just various scents as far as I can tell.

The Kyoku Wind body wash and body scrub (8.4 oz each) retail for $15.99 each on their Amazon site. Kyoku's wind body wash is a richly lathering body cleansing gel with a fresh green herbal scent. This deep cleansing and stimulating wash contains an antioxidant blend of cloud-berry and holy-herb to give a tingling sensation on the skin, while protecting and soothing. The Kyoku body scrub is engineered for men of all skin types, this wind body scrub by Kyoku for Men was specifically formulated with today's modern man in mind. Scientifically proven to upgrade your skin, each product has been rigorously tested and uses the best natural ingredients for men's skin and works to refresh and renew with a sense of purpose.

Kyoku body scrub and body wash

The two plastic bottles came nicely packaged, in an olive green color, with a top that allows the product to be poured without unscrewing it. The bottles also come with a pump, which was lovely as I prefer to use pumps rather than pour out too much product.

My husband has spent the last week using these products, body wash in the morning and the scrub during his evening shower (after the gym). He has really enjoyed the scent which is the same for both the products, it's a warm herbal scent that makes the bathroom smell like a spa for the entire day. He found that the scrub was quite scrubby, i.e. the gel was suspended with enough little beads to make it a good scrub. He has fairly normal skin, and did not find the products drying or irritating in any way.
Directions for the use of the Body Scrub
Directions for the use of the Body Wash
Kyoku has generously offered to host a giveaway for my readers which will run from today for a week and is only open to US residents. Here's the link to the giveaway, GOOD LUCK!


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