Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More gushing - Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paint in Rich Russet

Lily Pebbles loves the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paint in Rich Russet, so I had to give it a go. Haha, no that's not totally true, but she did make me want to try this sucker more than if I'd just seen it on the shelf. The power of Youtube right?

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paint in Rich Russet

Walgreens is the only place near me that carries the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paints so I went to my Walgreens and bought the Rich Russet shade as it looked pretty in the tube, simple as. The price was $5.49 so not too expensive.

Rimmels says -
Spatula applicator delivers high intensity coverage in one simple stroke. Waterproof & crease-proof with 8-hour wear.

When I first used this product, I was worried. The applicator is a doe-foot applicator that lip glosses come with. I was concerned that the applicator would lay on a thick layer which would crease like crazy throughout the day, or the product might be too runny or worse it would set before I could blend it!

Well thankfully, none of my fears came true. The formula is thick enough to stick to the eyes but soft enough to blend out. The best way to use this is to use it over a primer, in thin layers. I find that one layer gives me opaque color but that I like a second coat just to ensure that I have uniform colour. I wait ten seconds for the product to set slightly and then blend out the edges either with my fingers or a soft blending brush. There is no fallout and it's a great quick way to wear eyeshadow if you are a novice or if you just like simple straightforward yet elegant makeup.

I am going to get 2 more shades, Chestnut Taupe and Garnet Splash are calling my name.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paint in Rich Russet
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paint in Rich Russet


  1. I have this one and really love the pigment, but I find it a bit hard to blend well because it dries quickly.

  2. I think these are best for the 1 eyeshadow look.. I find it easiest to use my fingers to blend out the edges and make it all look smooth. I agree that if you spend too long applying the eyeshadow does dry out fast.