Monday, July 15, 2013

The Menu - A drugstore haul..

I haven't featured a haul on this blog and that's about to change today. I bought a load of lip products and a few blushes, my first stop was Walgreens, where the Revlon Lip Butters were buy one get one half price, so I bought 4. These are my first Lip Butters, I know, it's shocking, it's just that I have so much makeup I try not to buy stuff just because every other beauty bloggers have. But I have been on a finishing up products spree so I thought I'd treat myself a little.

So what did I buy? Here we go!

Maybeline Fit Me Concealer in 35 Deep - I heard that this concealer was great. I decided to try it and I am sooooooo glad I did. I love it, the color is brilliant and the consistency is amazing. This is my favorite concealer for under the eyes that's also affordable. This was $7.29 in my CVS.

Milani Baked Powder Blush in shades - Fantastico Mauve, Red Vino and Rose D'Oro. These were $7.49 each. Milani is actually discontinuing their baked powder blushes and I finally decided I needed to grab these before they are gone forever. Every review I read about these was positive and impressive. These blushes are all shimmery with gold glitter so you do have to bear that in mind. That said, I do find that I could pull off wearing this blush during the day on the weekend without looking overdone. I love that each blush is fabulously pigmented and easy to blend. Oh and each of these blushes comes with a mirror and brush in the bottom part of the pot. I do love the mirror, but the brush is useless. I would rather they just do without these accessories and allow the packaging be less bulky though. These blushes look like massive chunky pots when the actual product isn't that huge. But bulky packaging seems to be a trait of all budget makeup products, so I won't hold this against Milani.

drugstore haul
Milani baked blush
L to R - Red Vino, Fantastico Mauve and Rose D'Oro
L to R - Red Vino, Rose D'Oro, Fantastico Mauve and Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Deep
The lip products that I picked up were 4 of the Lip Butter formula from Revlon in shades - Gum drop (new shade), Pink Truffle (new shade), Sugar Plum and Cherry Tart. I love them all. Gum drop is a very unusual shade, which I was worried might look strange on my pigmented lips but it looks great as it's not a very richly pigmented shade. I really enjoy Cherry Tart which is a great lively red shade. Pink Truffle and Sugar Plum look the same on my lips :( And they both are very close to my lip shade. I really want to get the shade Fig Jam but Walgreens only had a few that were not already swatched by someone (yuck), so I might have to go back and try and find it or order online.

The other lipstick that I picked up is from the Maybelline Color Whisper line and is called Mad for Magenta. I love this formulation, it's not as heavy on the lips as the Revlon Lip Butter but I find these to be equally hydrating. I love the color selection although these are meant to be sheer lip sticks (hence the name Color Whisper). I love the shade I purchased and am planning on picking up a couple more.

L to R - Lip Butters: Cherry Tart, Sugar Plum, Gum Drop, Pink Truffle and Maybelline Color Whisper in Mad for Magenta

So that's all the products and the swatches. I bought these last weekend and have loved each of these products. Let me know if you fancy seeing more haul type posts from me. Also, have you tried any of the products? Did you enjoy them? I love your comments so do let me know!!


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