Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Review - Maybelline colour tattoo cream eyeshadows

You have all heard of them, maybe some of you have a few shades already. These are the most talked about cream eyeshadows that have been released in recent time. I have always been a great advocate for any product that saves me time in the morning. I am always running late (sigh..) and cream eyeshadows are just so easy to apply and you don't need to faff around with a brush etc. The Maybelline Colour Tattoos, which have been a staple in my make up routine for the past few weeks.

I came across these shades when I was strolling through Ulta a few months ago and these were just calling my name. So I bought a couple or 8 of these. But you can find them at any drugstore in most countries and also most are available through online retailers and on ebay. There are a couple of shades that have been given different names in different countries but the product and colour is the same (e.g. Bad to bronze is called On and on Bronze in Europe). These cost $6.99 + tax in the States, 4.99 in the UK and Rs. 350 in India. So they are generally quite easy to find and pretty affordable as you get a huge amount and shouldn't have to repurchase for years (if at all).

I really love the texture, its very creamy but not thick. With any cream products, I always try and apply thin layers allowing each layer 30 seconds to set. This way you can control the opacity, it usually does not look patchy and is more likely not to travel or crease. I recommend this technique for these eyeshadows too.

I only have the colours that are part of the permanent collection, however in the States, Maybelline has released quite a few shades that are limited edition. I really fancy a couple of these, but I cannot justify buying anymore of these for a while. So I will have to pass of the limited edition and maybe I could get them on ebay at the end of year. It's important to budget and stick to it, but that's a different post altogether.

Ok, so the shades that I have are :
Part of the original collection - Pomogranate Punk, Bad to Bronze, Audacious Asphalt and Tough as Taupe.
Part of the metal collection - Electric Blue, Inked in Pink, Barely Branded and Gold Rush

I used the Audacious Asphalt shade in my FOTD #1 post and I used Bad to Bronze shade in my Vincent Longo foundation review post.

My favourites have to be Barely Branded and Inked in Pink which look amazing on tan skin like mine and you don't need any other eyeshadow on top. Oh and Barely Branded can also work great as a highligher in the inner corner of the eye, under the brow bone and above the cheek bones. The cult favourite is Bad to Bronze which is what nude eyeshadow lovers love, and I do like it, but on my skin tone it really doesn't show up much. Audacious Asphalt and Tough as Taupe work amazingly well as a base for any eyeshadow you want to pop. Where as I wear Gold Rush and Electric Blue over the top of a dark base eyeshadow (and it doesn't have to be cream). This technique really makes the colours jump out. I love wearing Pomegranate Punk in the crease with no other eyeshadow and it just has enough depth to work as a crease colour that's not the usual dark brown.

Pomegranate Punk
Bad to Bronze
Audacious Asphalt
Tough as Taupe
Electric Blue

Inked in Pink
Barely Branded
Gold Rush


  1. I love the colour of Electric Blue in the pot. I'm definitely going to go out and get at least one of these at the weekend.

  2. Hey VR,

    I have just posted swatches that may help with your shopping this weekend :)

  3. I got the Immortal Charcoal one which looks to be a dupe for the bobbi brown one I used to have. Yay!

    1. Hey hun.. any chance for a pic? I am curious about that shade.. I haven't heard of that one. I think it might be called something different in the States. I don't know why they did that.