Monday, January 27, 2014

Jewellery wishlist

Jewellery wishlist
Karen Millen Tortoise Acrylic Chain Cuff / Kate Spade Stone Chandelier Earrings / Limited Edition Squares Leather Bracelet / Gogo Philip Long Link Earring / McQ Alexander McQueen Shiny Razor-Blade Wrap Bracelet /
Nico New York Chainmail Tube Necklace

This is my first jewellery wishlist post and if you guys like this sort of posts, I might make these posts a regular series on my blog.

I love accessories and jewellery is something that can turn a drab outfit into something special and memorable. I usually shop sales and am not one to order jewellery online as I find it difficult to imagine what the pieces would look like on me and whenever possible I strive to avoid disappointing purchases. Saying that, I am really impressed with the deals that are available on e-shops such as Asos and I might have to try online jewellery shopping after all. Do you guys shop online for jewellery? Which are your favourite jewellery retailers?

The pieces I chose are -

ASOS Faceted Jewel Collar Necklace ($18.52) - If you are one of those people who finds it difficult to introduce colour into an outfit, a bold statement necklace is a great way to go. I adore the acid green paired with black. It's striking yet refined and all for less than $20!! Can't go wrong.

Design Group Beaded Cuff ($22.00) - I love the wooden clasp on this bracelet. It's so unique and gives the delicate beaded piece a chunky quality which I find reassuring as this is a bracelet that can be worn with a casual outfit (jeans and t-shirt) or a lovely dress and so you want it to be durable and last. There are 6 colours in total, I chose the multi-coloured one, but the turquoise looks great too wit the dark wood.

Panacea Enamel Fringe Collar Necklace ($31.00) - I have to admit that this was a substitute piece as I had my heart set on another necklace (see the end of this post) but it's sold out, so I chose this one instead. This is a very classic piece, I love black when paired with gold and since gold is all the rage these days I figure you can't go wrong with this piece. You can use this necklace to transform a day time look into a fancy night out outfit! All for $31, do I need to say anything more?

Karen Millen Tortoise Acrylic Chain Cuff ($138.89) - By far the most expensive pick, I wanted to include this more as an inspiration to try mixing textures. This is a faux tortoise cuff that works so well because the perfect balance of metal and acrylic. I think you can pick up quite a few faux tortoise shell bangles for much cheaper and alternate them with plain gold ones and it would give a similar effect for less.

Kate Spade Stone Chandelier Earrings ($98.00) - Another classic piece, these chandelier earrings are suitable for a fancy date night or simply to jazz up an outfit. I could actually see myself wearing these with a white t-shirt and jeans, but I understand that might not be everyone's cup of tea. The reason for the high price tag is due to the glass stones and gold plated backing. But if you are to spend money, spend it on classic pieces that wont go in and out of style.

Limited Edition Squares Leather Bracelet ($22.22) - Asos does it again. I love the detail on this leather bracelet that add more interest than the multitudes of leather bracelets out there.

Gogo Philip Long Link Earring ($53.71) - These earrings are so unique. On first glass I thought that midsection was enamel but it is leather! What a great way to incorporate colour without losing the edginess that this piece has. I rarely see an original design in drop earrings these days so this piece really spoke to me.

McQ Alexander McQueen Shiny Razor-Blade Wrap Bracelet ($90.00) - This Alexander McQueen bracelet is available in many shades but I chose pink. The reason I chose pink is because I like the juxtaposition of the edgier design (a razor blade - hello??!) with the soft feminine colour. I wouldn't recommend giving your partner this for Valentine's day though, I think the razor blade bracelet at someone's wrist is a little too controversial unless worn in the right spirit :)

Nico New York Chainmail Tube Necklace ($45.00) - I adore chainmail necklaces. They are delicate and yet make a statement. I love this one especially as it doesn't lie flat on the neck but instead has a 3D look that is fantastic. One of my favourite pieces and for under $50!

So those were all the items on my jewellery wishlist. Hope you found this post interesting. Do let me know.

I mentioned earlier that I wanted to feature a necklace in this post but didn't as it was sold out, well I still want to mention it.
It's a Panarea coral necklace in orange (there are other colours, but all of them are sold out). The necklace retails for $76 and is made of resin but to represent coral as the name suggests. The designer is Susanna Valerio and I am definitely going to keep an eye out for more of her pieces as I think she's amazingly talented.


  1. I think my favourite piece is the Squares leather bracelet from ASOS. Really funky!

  2. I love that one too..

  3. Ooo the Chandelier earrings are beautiful!

    Roshni’s Journey

  4. Yeah they are gorgeous.. glad you liked them :)

  5. Great picks love that colored necklace

    With A City Dream