Friday, March 28, 2014

It's a Sara Happ-y post!

I love my The Lip Slip by Sara Happ: One Luxe Gloss ($18.00) which I talked about in my 5 lip balms I love post. So when I heard that Sara Happ also does scrubs, I decided to invest in her body scrub and lip scrub, purely for review purposes of course. The cute packaging had nothing to do with it :)

Sara Happ's products ain't cheap. ‘The Body Scrub - Vanilla Bean' Scrub retails for $40 and comes with 10 oz of product. It also comes packed in this lovely caramel coloured box with a lovely white ribbon tied around it. I love how Sara Happ products can make any occasion feel special and of course with all this lovely packaging they would make amazing gifts for anyone.

The Lip Scrub : Lemonade Lip Exfoliator retails for $24 and comes with 1 oz of product. It also comes in a cute little yellow box with a white ribbon (I lost the ribbon!!). This is a limited edition flavour however you can still get it at most Sara Happ counters and online.

The Sara Happ Lip Scrub is a really thick lip scrub with lots of large sugar crystals. This means that you need very little of the scrub to make a big impact on your lips. I usually scoop a tiny amount onto my index finger and massage over my lips. Best to do this over a basin as there will be sugar particles and dead skin (eew) falling down. The scrub is not too abrasive and I find that once I am done my lips are wonderfully plump however they do feel a little dry and I have to follow with a really hydrating lip balm. The biggest drawback with this product for me at least, is that unlike the Lush version which you can effectively eat, Sara Happ's isn't quite edible, at least it doesn't say it is on the packaging. So I try not to get any of the sugar crystals into my mouth and tend to wash my lips once I am done scrubbing.

I love the smell and taste of this lemonade flavour and I adore the yellow colour which makes me happy just by looking at it every morning. If you are hoping to try a lip scrub give this one a go, it's expensive but even with every day use I feel like it will take me a year to get through this tub!

‘The Body Scrub - Vanilla Bean' Scrub smells unbelievably divine!! I try not to use this on an empty stomach because I cannot say for sure that I won't eat some of this! Just in case you are wondering, this product is not edible and I don't recommend you trying as it tastes awful :) But it smells great.

This is a giant tub of scrubby sugar crystals suspended in a binding agent. The effect is that the sugar crystals cling to the skin better when you massage the scrub on and there is less wastage. However, it also means that the scrub loses some of it's scrubbing power as the emollient goo that holds the sugar crystals makes them nicely rounded. So basically I really like it but it's not my favourite scrub. I love that it's sugar based so there is no residue in the shower to clean up after. I love that it leaves my skin smelling great and feeling soft. I do love that if you wanted to, you could use this every day and not over exfoliate. But I do think it's hugely over priced.

If you are looking to give someone a gift that will look and feel luxurious then this is a great one to give.

When mine was new
I have nearly run out!

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  1. Those really do look gorgeous!

  2. Yep, quite pricey though.

  3. Hello lovely Shruti! I am SUCH a fan of Sara Happ and have the exact same scrub! I finished up the green apple one this morning but it really took forever as a little really goes a long way. Great review-I agree with everything you say!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

  4. I love the lip scrub! I would repurchase but I'm not sure if I will ever finish this tub!!! It's like a magic pot of lip scrub :) Glad you enjoyed the post hun. You are my favourite blogger!! xx