Wednesday, February 12, 2014

5 Lip Balms I Love...

'Tis the season to slap on the balm. Although if you are like me lip balms are a staple no matter what the weather brings. Historically I have been known to have way too many lip balms. But I have been really good and on a no-buy of lip balms as I am actually really loving my little "capsule" collection that I have currently.

The all look so pretty!!!!
I'm feeling rebellious so let's start from the right.

The Baby Lips Lip Balm ($4.49) craze was EPIC for the last couple of years and I resisted for a long time but then finally succumbed. I bought two Baby Lips, the one featured here is called Pink Shock (for obvious reasons) from their Electro edition  but I also own Peppermint which is actually the one I prefer, but when I took these pictures I couldn't find it. Peppermint is clear and has SPF which is great. I much prefer Peppermint's formulation too, but if you like coloured balms then try some of the colours. These are really fun and affordable lip balms that actually do moisture and protect without being goopy or sticky. I also love the packaging as these are easy to spot even in the depths of my handbag.

Baby Lips Pink Shock
Pink Shock
Now onto a balm that is and feels like much of a treatment for my lips. The legendary Reve de Miel Lip Balm by Nuxe ($16 - $19). This gorgeous yellow goop smelly heavenly as it contains honey and all the goodness that comes with it. Because it contains honey and is made of mainly natural ingredients there are some cons though, sometimes in the winter the honey crystallizes and the texture of the balm turns grainy which bothers some people but I don't mind it. This lip balm is my go to bedside balm and I apply it every night without fail. I also love that this product is widely available so no one has to feel left out.

Reve de Miel Lip Balm by Nuxe

I am ridden with guilt and love every time I look at my By Terry Baume De Rose ($60). There's no getting around the fact that this pot is priced to completely empty your wallet in one swoop. No getting around the fact that the absurd price made me want this even more! I am and should be ashamed but that aside, the lip balm is amazing. I use it every morning and each time I open the frosted glass jar I am greeted with a whiff of a rose garden right on my dresser. It's a delight for all my senses and I do think that my lips are happier because of this balm. Do you need this? No. Should you buy it? Well...

By Terry Baume De Rose
By Terry Baume De Rose
As much as I love my pots of lip balms, I have to say for when on the go I stick to the stick or squeezy tube versions, much more sanitary. The Philosophy Hope In A Stick is on of my favourite stick lip balms, it's so moisturising and has no smell at all which might please some people. I love it in the winter when it's cold, in the summer though this baby melts, you have been warned.
(Philosophy has discontinued this and now has a new lip balm called - Hope in a Tube which solves the melting issue)

Philosophy Hope In A Stick
The last lip balm is by Sara Happ and is called The Lip Slip by Sara Happ: One Luxe Gloss ($18.00). I have used this tube so much that the writing has rubbed off! It's a thick gloss with some gold shimmer that isn't really distinguishable on the lips except as a shine. I adore this stuff, it's more than just a lip balm it protects my lips in the windy Chicago winters. This stuff is heavy duty and will last me forever as you need so little of it per use. I love the packaging, the scent which is a sophisticated rose scent and the texture which is sticky and goopy almost a mask for the lips and isn't rubbed off easily.

These are my lip balms for now and pretty much my entire collection (except a few Korres Lip Butters, who remembers those?).. Which ones are your go to lip balms this winter?


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