Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thanksgiving break in Puerto Rico

Thanksgiving is an American holiday that I particularly love, not only because of the history and tradition behind it but more so for the lovely 4 day weekend that we get because of it. Shallow, I know but what can I do when vacation days are so darn few in the States. We always try and make good use of the time off and in 2013 we decided to hop on the plane (like scores of other Americans) and head south. Way way south to the sunny land of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico was first colonized by the Spanish and the language, culture and local architecture is still deeply Spanish. The States invaded Puerto Rico (when it was still a Spanish colony) on 25th July 1988 and in the war that followed Spain was defeated and the island became property of the USA. Today Puerto Rico is an incorporated part of the States, which means that Puerto Rico is not a state so the citizens of Puerto Rico cannot vote in the Presidential Elections. The current status of the Island is always a matter for intense debate amongst Puerto Ricans.

The fascinating history, tropical climate, lush landscapes and the mind blowing views were just a few reasons why we chose to visit it. The weather was perfect when we visited except that every day without any notice at all, it rained for about half an hour or so, which discouraged us from carrying our good (read expensive) camera with us, so we didn't end up taking a lot of pictures but I have chosen a few for you guys. I hope you like them! If you want any recommendations on where to stay, eat and what to do if you are planning on visiting Puerto Rico, feel free to ask me.

Disclaimer - I am by no means a photographer so please be kind :)


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