Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Review - Inglot Round 5 pan palette with lip colours

This is a post that I wanted to write about sooner but things such as work and life got in the way, but I think it's still a good idea to post this, you'll soon see why.

Inglot Freedom System

Inglot is a brand that is synonymous with insane pigmentation, brilliant colour selection, decent value and above all gorgeous design. I wanted to get my hands on an Inglot freedom system 10 pan eye palette for the longest time and that dream is still alive, but when I visited their online store at I found that they had a massive sale on their round palettes and some other products that they were either discontinuing or have reformulated. As I'm very much a bargainista, I decided to take advantage and bought 2 of their 5 pan round palettes ($5.50 each) and ordered 10 of their round lipsticks ($2.50 each), bear in mind they charge minimum of $7 for shipping here in the US. This post is about the first of the 2 palettes.

The packaging
I love the way Inglot has designed these palettes, they would be so easy to travel with as they are very securely shut with the magnets. I love that the lid is transparent so you can see the products and also that there is some weight to it, as it feels sturdy to me. I don't like that you have to remember the numbers/names of the pans as there is no way to see the numbers after you insert the pans into the palette (maybe a window at the bottom or a transparent bottom?). Taking the lipsticks out after the pan has been inserted is super tricky (or impossible). I only managed to get one end pan out by holding the magnet in the lid near the end pan and when the connection was made, it popped off. This didn't work for any of the others though.

The lipsticks
I adore the colours that I bought, they are amazingly wearable and each one is unique to my collection. The pigmentation is strong and I only need very little product on my brush to cover my entire lips. The staying power is dependent now how much you talk or how often you eat or drink, but on average I managed to get about 4 hours wear before having to reapply. I am really impressed with these. They feel really comfortable on the lips and are not drying at all. For $2.50, I really can't complain at all.

Oh and to get a better idea of the shades, you can visit where they have all 90 shades available to look at.

Inglot Freedom System
L to R - 30, 35, 14, 73 and 48
I don't know why my arm looks like I have been playing in mud, but the swatches are true to colour so ignore the arm :)

Inglot Freedom System swatches lipstick
L to R - Shade 48, 73, 14, 35, 30
If you like the look of this palette and the value it represents, do go onto or where the sale is currently live. The UK site has a lot more round lipsticks left than the US one, but you can always create a palette with a few lipsticks, concealer, brow wax, etc. to make it truly a standalone travel companion.

Happy shopping!!


  1. I love inglot shadows. I'm not sure about lipsticks in a pan, it'd be crazy to carry around with you! They do look lovely though :)

    Roshni’s Journey

  2. Haha, when I meant travel friendly, I didn't mean commuting to work or keep in your purse kind of travel friendly :) I love the quality of these, and for the price it's a great deal.