Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Newbie - Laqa & Co. (Fat Lip Pencils) - Oh Yes or Oh No?

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I heard that the June Birchbox (USA edition) is going to feature a mini Laqa & Co. fat lip pencil and I thought it might be a good idea to review the Laqa & Co. fat lip pencils that I own. I think I bought these about 6 months ago on I paid $9.00 each for these and I'm sorry to say I am not a satisfied customer.

Laqa & Co
L to R - Bossy Boots and Ring of Fire

Now let me begin by stating that the only other fat/jumbo lip pencils that I have used are the Revlon Balm Stains which are amazing. These are nothing like the Balm Stains. Firstly these lip pencils are mostly matte, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. They have a strong peppermint smell and a very slight sting on the lips, which I actually enjoy. They last for about 5 hours on me. They wear out evenly which is a plus.

Do you know, this is totally strange for a product review but I am going to review the two shades I have separately as they may as well be from separate manufacturers, they are THAT different!

First up is the Ring of Fire. This is a very bold hot red. I love the pigmentation (necessary for a matte lip) and the texture of this.

Now let's talk about Bossy Boots. This is a deep burgundy red, or atleast it is after about five coats! It's quite sheer on me (see the swatch below). It's also got a bit of a grainy texture which is really unattractive on the lips. Bah..

I am so confused about the differences in the two shades. If they sorted out the texture issue and the sheerness of some shades, I think these lip pencils have a lot of potential. As they currently stand though, I will not be purchasing any more and am desperately trying to use up the ones I have.

Laqa & Co.
L to R - Ring of Fire and Bossy Boots
L to R - Bossy Boots and Ring of Fire


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