Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Travel - Wanderlust series #3 - Luggage Packing Techniques

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Summer is upon us and we are all looking forward to our summer vacations, hopefully going somewhere hot and exotic. But trips are expensive and these days most of us have to pay to check in luggage for short flights or pay for an additional bag for longer flights. It's a cost that can be avoided if you just follow the rules below. 

a. Roll all your clothes, this will not wrinkle them and they will fit in easier.
b. Put all your shoes round the sides of the bag and then the rolled up clothes in the middle. 
c. Accessories can be slid into the gaps between rolls. 
d. Don't pack unnecessary items which you can easily buy at your destination or might find at your hotel.

The following grapic was published in Infografika, a Moscow based magazine which only publishes images and high-quality graphics, no text. Field of interest - anything that can be counted and measured. I read this magazine online sometimes and thought I'd share this post with you. It's the 'scheme' used by a girl who is traveling to Cuba for 10 days, to fit all her stuff into 1 bag. It tells you what she packed and how she managed to fit everything. I for one am keen to try this (I always have a bulging suitcase when I travel).

Courtesy of Infografika


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