Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Newbie - Battle of the Poreless primers

I have had the privilege to own not one but two primers that claim to minimise pores and leave a flawless base for a foundation. The first is the Flawless & Poreless primer from Pixi and the other is a cult classic, the Porefessional primer by Benefit.

So how did the two compare?
a. Colour - Both are slightly tinted, the Porefessional is darker but both appear natural on the skin.
b. Consistency / Texture - Both products contain silicones and that leave a truly beautiful matte finish.
c. Price - Both cost approximately the same ($30 for 30ml).
d. Availability - Both are easily available in the States. I believe that the Benefit primer is available in Europe, however I believe you can find the Pixi primer online worldwide.
e. End result -  OMG.. so this is why I am really writing this post. The Pixi primer performed quite a lot better on me than the Porefessional did. I did not expect this at all, am still a little flabbergasted as I haven't heard anyone raving or even mentioning this product online.

So if you can, get yourself a sample of the Pixi as well as the Porefessional before committing. On me the Pixi product was a clear winner. Do let me know if you have tried both of them.


  1. Thanks Shruti, I will definitely try one. Rohini