Friday, March 10, 2017

Something different.. empties by the week!

I have been on a huge product declutter/use up journey for the past few months. I have given away any products that I have multiples of (yes, I am a hoarder) or products that were new and unused but I wasn't interested in using. However, the honest truth is, a lot of what I have, I love and lovingly bought with hard earned money so I want to get my money's worth out of and use it. I have been concentrating on deluxe sizes and half used products to get them done and out of my life and so we have a lot of empties occurring very frequently. I don't want to store these for a month in wait of my next empties post and also, I want to talk about them in a timely way so that my thoughts on them are clear and my experience is recent. That's why I am doing an empties post so quickly after the last one.

I have finished -

a. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (15 ml) - This was drying!! It's so strange that a hydrating mask could dry my skin but it did. Might work for oily folks but not for me.

b. No. 7 Softening Foot Balm (75 ml - full size) - This smelt nice, had a nice texture but did nothing for my feet. Glad to be done with it though.

c. Miranda May lipstick sample from Charlotte Tilbury (one use) - I love her lipsticks but so so pricey. This colour is really bright orangey pink, not for me.

d. Nuxe Gentle Exfoliating Gel (75 ml - full size) - This is such a rave reviewed product but I hated it as the exfoliating particles are massive and really abrasive but also too far and few in between. I ended up using it as a body scrub and am done with it. If you are looking for a good face exfoliator, my favourite of all time is the Vasanti Scrub.. so good.

e. Sample perfumes (8 ml in total) - None of these wowed me. However, the most disappointing was the La Rose by Maison Kurkdjian Paris. I love their Aqua Universalis perfume but I suppose I am not into rose fragrance so I was never going to love the La Rose. It smells exactly like an english rose in the garden. It's a true rose scent. Not for me.

f. Basic Earth Botanicals revive Body wash (30 ml) - This was nice but too liquidy so I ended up wasting product every time.

g. 3 shampoo and conditioner samples (30 ml in total) - They were all fine. I have good hair, so usually am fine with any shampoo or conditioner.

h. Philosophy Hide No More serum (2 ml) - This was a pleasant serum. No scent and a lovely texture. The 2 ml lasted me through 5 uses.

i. Foxes and Friends Bliss Butter (60 ml) - Came in my last Prospurly box (will review the next one). This was nice but smelled overwhelmingly of Cocoa Butter. So not my favourite. It was really thick too, but did moisturise well.

j. Chanel Glossimer lipgloss in 104 (full size) - I had finished about 80% of this product when it went gloopy on me. A reminder that I really need to finish my lip products. However, once I am done with all my glosses, I might buy this again. It's a beautiful iridescent pink. This empty brings my lip empties total to 5 for this year so far. Yippee!

That's all I have for now, hopefully I can finish more stuff next week. See ya.


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