Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Unboxing - Ipsy Glam Bag October 2013

Hello girlies.. well it's that time of the month again.. it's Ispy time!! I was so excited I saw my usual pink envelope appear in my post box.

For those of you who don't know what Ipsy is, it's a beauty subscription service currently only available in the States. The bags cost $10 a month and you get products based on the questionnaire you filled out. Usually we receive 5 items with one of them being a full sized item. I haven't been disappointed with any of my bags so far (I joined in Dec and started getting them in Jan) and I see myself continuing with this service until they start sending out rubbish products.

This month's bag is white with a pink zip (I think they did a similar bag for April) but this one has writing on it and it says - "Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.". Deep, I know. But I'm not going to say no to another lovely mini makeup bag. I actually do use mine sometimes.

Ipsy Glam Bag October 2013

The first product that I pulled out was by Sexy Hair and it's their Spray Clay (50 ml). I am a little scared of this as I've never heard of a spray clay before. I think this is just a texturising / volumising spray and I plan to use it as such. Let me know if you know what this is meant to be used for? The full size is 150 ml and retails for $18.95.

The second product was a Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics mineral shimmer in Emotion (full size) retails for $14.99. I love the colour and the multicoloured shimmer in the product, I have another one from this brand which is also lovely. But I am not in love with these loose shimmery shadows as they are so messy to use and I think the best way to apply these is to use your fingers. Below are my swatches (used dry).

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics mineral shimmer in Emotion
Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics mineral shimmer in Emotion
In direct sunlight
Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics mineral shimmer in Emotion
In normal day light
Now onto the product I am the most excited about, a full sized Zoya nail polish in Neve ($8.00)! Woohoo. Such a beautiful blue. I am going to wear this to death.

Zoya nail polish in Neve

Then I also received a Coconut & Argan body lotion with Hibiscus by Nourish Organic (30 ml). The full size is 240 ml and retails for $9.99 exclusively at Target. I have never heard of this brand but I am loving the body lotion. It sinks in so quickly that there is no greasy residue. The smell is divine, I think it smells like Indian sweets or condensed milk. If you dislike sweet smells this is not for you. Going to check out more of their range at Target.

Coconut & Argan body lotion by Nourish Organic

The final product that didn't actually fit in my bag was the Coastal Scents medium shadow brush BR-C-NO2 ($2.49). It's a decent shading brush and I think I will get some use out of it. I have always wanted to try these brushes as they are so affordable but I was skeptical about their quality given their price. So I am glad to have a chance to try one of their brushes and see if I am willing to take the plunge and purchase others.

Coastal scents medium shadow brush

So that was my October 2013 Ipsy Glambag. I am quite happy with the products I received. I will definitely get some use out of all of them. Looking forward to next month!


  1. It smells like condensed milk......... >_< ..... I have to have it now. Absolutely have to have it. It would so remind me of kheer..... yummmm.

  2. Haha.. yeah it smells delicious!! Very strange for a body lotion though.. :) I have to stop myself from licking my arm!