Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Menu - Colours of the rainbow tag..

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I watched the Colours of the Rainbow tag by Gemma Maquillage and thought it would be fun to do a post on this as I'm not confident enough to do videos yet, but working on it :)

So the basic rule of this tag is to choose 1 product for each of the colours in the rainbow. If you can't remember the colours of a rainbow, they are - Violet, Indigo, Blue,Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. I have also included a multi-coloured product.

Violet: The first product is a nail polish called Blurple by Laqa & Co. While I am not a huge fan of the fat lip pencils made by this brand, I do love their nail polishes. The consistency is thick enough for one coat to give opaque colour and yet viscous enough for smooth application. I find that there is no chipping for 3 days, which is good enough for me. You can find these for $11.00 in the USA and I think they are being sold in Selfridges in the UK too.

Indigo: When I watched videos and read blogs on this tag lots of people said they found it difficult to find products for this colour. I found my product really quickly. Infact it's something that I use absolutely every evening to take off my eye makeup. It's Neutrogena's oil-free eye makeup remover and can be found in most drugstores for $5.99. This takes off my most stubborn eyeshadows and waterproof mascara without too much rubbing. It doesn't sting my eyes at all, and I don't think there is any perfume in this product, but it has a generic pleasant natural smell. I also find that it has a cooling effect and helps soothe tired eyes.

Blue: Blue is such a striking colour. I chose a lovely vibrant liquid eyeliner by NYX in the shade Extreme Blue. I love NYX products as they are such great quality for the money. This is no exception, I find the colour payoff strong, application is smooth and easy and the product is easy to find in most drugstores in the USA for around $4.49.

Green: The product I chose for the colour green is one of the oldest products in my makeup collection. It was a gift with purchase with one of my Clinique foundations. It's a Clinique Blushwear cream blush in 11 Pink Sugar which I use as a cream highlighter. I find that gives the best natural sheen without any shimmer. It has a smooth velvety texture, easy to blend out with your fingers and it lasts for about 6 hours on me. This product has been discontinued by Clinique however you can still find it on Ebay for other online beauty outlets and you get a lot of product for your money. Highly recommend trying this if you are tan or a darker skin tone.

Yellow: I must admit, I struggled with Yellow. In the end I found that the product I wanted was right under my nose, on my bed side table! I haven't heard many bloggers talk about Penhaligon skincare, that's because it isn't available to buy!! I have an eye cream sample which I am currently using. I love it, but I won't go on too much about this since you can't buy it :( Moving on....

Orange: I have chosen the ever popular Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I don't usually believed in hype around beauty products but these brushes are amazing. I reach for this brush every single day to apply tinted moisturiser and liquid foundation. These are available easily in drugstores and on Amazon and Ebay.

Red: Most bloggers chose a red lipstick but I wanted to be different, so I chose one of my favourite blushes of all time. It's called Natural Beauty by Tarte. Sephora describes the colour as a strawberry red and I have to agree, it's a beautiful stunning red without appearing unnatural. I adore Tarte amazonian clay blushes as they last forever and are amazingly pigmented so you don't need much product. These are $26.00 in the US.

Multicoloured: This is Chanel glossimer lipgloss in 104 Astral is a recent acquisition of mine. I bought this in a blog sale and I am so glad. I love the multi-coloured sparkles in this barbie pink lipgloss. The sparkles are not chunky and the gloss is not too sticky and even manages to hydrate my lips. The barbie pink colour is extremely subtle and the true glory is in the amazing sparkles. This is my first Chanel makeup product that I own and I love the quality of the products, but of course there is a price to pay and these glosses cost about $37.00 in the US.

I loved doing this tag, it made me look at the stuff I own in a different light. I feel like I rediscovered my collection. I tag everyone to post about this tag and if you don't have a blog, let me know in the comments section what products you would choose.

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  1. Great tag post :)

  2. I have lusted after the Tarte blushes for so long! This one is gorgeous.
    I love your blog as well - I'm a new follower! It would be amazing if you could check out my blog too :)
    Ella x

    1. Hi Ella,
      Thanks so much for your comment!!! I will check out your blog :)