Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Look - A wearable pink eyeshadow look

I love Wet n Wild eyeshadows, they are buttery, affordable and last all day. I saw one of their palettes called Spoiled Brat ($2.99) at my grocery store and just had to get it. It has this incredibly vibrant pink eyeshadow for the eyelid, the crease colour is a black with multicoloured sparkles and the browbone colour is a soft silver.

I just want to mention too that you don't have to go out and buy any of the products that I have mentioned in my blog. You can use any of the eyeshadows that exist in your collection or buy similar shades from brands that are available in your country. This look is just meant to give you an idea on how you could wear a pink eyeshadow.

Ooooh and Wet N Wild products may be available on Amazon in your country. I know some are available on

But pink eyeshadow gets a lot of bad rep, and I thought it might be fun to do a wearable eye look using this pallete and in particular that pink. I wore this on Sunday night and worked well with a matte foundation and nude lips gloss.

Here is the look -


  1. That really does look amazing! Do you think you could branch out into (video) tutorials on how to apply eyeshadow like that sometime? I don't have much confidence when applying eyeshadow or liner so the cat eye eludes me and I usually stick to one colour of eyeshadow without taking it out past the lid.
    Seriously it's like I was never a teenager.

  2. I will absolutely try and make a video.. I dont have a lot of confidence with eyeshadows either but you can look amazing with just 1 eyeshadow too. I used three here as just the pink made me look crazy! :) Will try and film something this weekend.

  3. If you didn't post the picture of how you use the pink shadow I would be skeptical about this trio, but with your help, I now know how to use it!


  4. Thanks Masha, I am glad I could help.
    I had a look at your blog and it's fab! I have followed you on bloglovin.

    Thanks for visiting.