Thursday, March 2, 2017

Empties Feb 2017

I am back, I cannot promise that it will be a permanent return to the blogosphere but I am back for now :) It's hard being a mom, working full time and blogging. Right now, I should be folding clothes and washing dishes (our dishwasher is dead), but I'm here talking to you guys. I have been on a bit of a project pan/ use stuff up kick for the past 4 months. So I have a ton of empties. I have to be honest, there are a few items that I tossed thinking that I wasn't going to blog but I will mention them too in this quick empties post. If you are still subscribed and like reading my blog, please say hello as I have been away for so long, that I want to make sure it's worth blogging again.

These are raw pictures, taken on my iPhone so I do apologise as they are aesthetically disgusting. But they are empty products guys!

Let me list the empties below -

A trio of eye masks - liked these, wouldn't purchase.

Dr Dennis Gross original formula alpha beta peel (1 use) - burn't my face for about 2 mins which is a long time. Wouldn't purchase.

Basic Earth body lotion (30 ml) - loved this, wouldn't purchase as I have a trillion body lotions.

Korres greek yoghurt cleanser (150 ml) - liked this, wouldn't repurchase. This took me 2 years of daily use and the product says that it expires in 9 months after opening!!

2 of the Lancome hydrating toner (30 ml) - Liked, but no reason to purchase.

Ole Henrickson eye peel (15 ml) - loved this, wouldn't repurchase as I already have a backup of this. Again this took me 1 year of daily use to use up!!

Dior Nude Air foundation in Nude Beige - LOVED this, but it's not cruelty free and also very expensive so wont be purchasing.

Boscia Tsubaki Cleansing Gel (50 ml) - Loved this, wont repurchase as I have other cleansers to use up.

Used a bunch of other samples but the only stand out item was the Cerave Moisturing Lotion with SPF 30 which is a drugstore product and is beautiful! I have other moisturisers to burn through but maybe in 2018 (yes I have THAT many backups) I will buy this.

I also finished a B&BW Cotton Linen candle which worked well and throw was decent, lasted me a month of burning every other day for 2 hours, so about 35 hours of burning. Would consider repurchasing but probably not for a few years as I have stockpiled candles, like a crazy person.

Also finished a Nuxe Reve De Miel moisturiser which is great and I will repurchase. I was using this as a night cream. I also finished 3 lip products! Yes 3! Finished a mini of Buxom lipstick in Get Ready, mini Buxom lipgloss in Dolly and a Maybelline Color Elixer in Blushing Petal. Liked all of them but I am on a no buy right now, so not buying anything new.

I hope you enjoyed this post, hope to be back soon.

Have a lovely day whatever you are doing!


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