Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Two product Tuesday..

I have decided to start a new series, I will write about 3 new products that I have tried that day. This series will obviously be fun for the blog and hopefully informative for you all, but also will make me work harder at shopping my stash and use products that I don't always use. I am hoping to write at least one of these posts a month.

My first product today is the Smokey Eye Mascara from Bobbi Brown ($28). Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has a 20% off promotion currently so if you like Bobbi's products, this might a good time to indulge. This mascara is a sample. I love Mascara samples as I feel they are a great way to try a new product and I feel much less guilty about tossing them at the 3 month mark. I have not read any reviews about this product so everything that I am writing is my own opinion. I was not sure what to expect. The word 'smokey' in the name was a slight concern as I thought it might be a mascara that smudges easily. However, my fears were in vain. I love the texture of the product, not wet but not terribly dry. It is definitely on the dryer side, which I like as that means less smudging to me but it still coats the lashes quickly. I was even brave enough to try it on my lower lashes which is something I never have the nerve to try with other mascaras as things get messy very quickly when I try.

The wand is lovely too. The shape is a very traditional conical shape with the tiny hairs that are soft and gentle on my lashes. I think they are made of fabric rather than tough unforgiving plastic.

Over all I love this mascara, it gives me volume as well as length. There is some clumping if you wait too long between coats but if you are quick that can easily be avoided. If I ever want to indulge, I will purchase a full sized version of this little beauty.

Smokey Eye Mascara from Bobbi Brown
Smokey Eye Mascara from Bobbi Brown
Smokey Eye Mascara from Bobbi Brown
Smokey Eye Mascara from Bobbi BrownSmokey Eye Mascara from Bobbi Brown

The next product is another sample I'm afraid but I have been using it all week last week and still have lots left. It's MAC's Studio Face and Body Foundation in C5 ($27 for 50 ml). I have heard so many bloggers rave about this lightweight foundation which can be used on the face as well any part of the body (arms and legs usually). I don't plan on using it on any other part of my body except my face though. MAC gave me a lovely large sample which I apply using my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and I love the resulting coverage. I usually favour foundations with light to medium coverage for everyday use and this foundation gives me exactly that. I prefer using my Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Medium to add coverage in areas where I need it rather than using a thick layer of foundation all over my face.

The color match is wonderful too, MAC is known for a good selection of colors so most women should be able to find a match. The price is really great too, most foundations come in 30 ml bottles but this one is 50 ml for a really decent price. I am definitely going to buy this foundation once I finish a few others that I have lurking around.

MAC's Studio Face and Body Foundation in C5
MAC's Studio Face and Body Foundation in C5
My face with the MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation in C5.


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