Saturday, November 22, 2014

Luxury beauty wishlist

If I had all the money in the world to beauty products...these are the ones I'd choose this season. It's so much fun to fantasize is it not?

1. Tom Ford Lipstick in Black Dahlia ($50) - this is such a gorgeous color, I think it is quite unique. If I ever find the courage to spend $50 on a single lipstick, I reckon it will have to be something so unusual like Black Dahlia.

2. Marc Jacobs Bronzer Brush No. 12 ($78) - I am tired of watching other people exclaim over how soft and perfectly huge this brush is! In my fantasy, I get to buy it :)

3. Jo Malone Cologne Collection, 5 x 9 ml ($110) - I don't wear a lot of perfume so it's tough to get through large bottles, so 5 small bottles work well for me. Now this stuff is expensive, of course being luxury and what not, but I hear Jo Malone perfumes are to die for.
Buy Jo Malone™ Cologne Collection, 5 x 9ml Online at
4. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Starter Kit ($62.89) - this set is actually great value. And I might invest in it, once I finish a couple of my creams that I have been using. Sarah Chapman is a lady who created an amazing line of skincare, which all the beauty bloggers especially the ones in UK have been raving about for about a year. Her stuff is quite elusive in the US, but has done it and made it accessible to everyone as they ship worldwide. The set comes with the
- Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial 5ml
- Sarah Chapman Skinesis Eye Recovery 5ml
- Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse 15ml
- Sarah Chapman Skinesis Dynamic Defence 15ml
- Sarah Chapman Skinesis 1 Cleansing Mitt
- Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skinesis Signature Pouch
5. Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush Set ($210) - Ah more makeup brushes, I knew I had to sneak these in somehow. MUFE released their Artisan brushes this year and they are exquisite. They have natural wooden handles and are handcrafted out of synthetic fibers that resemble natural hairs, so they can be used with powders as well as creams and liquids. This set comes with -
- 250 Eyeliner brush
- 216 Eye shadow smudging brush
- 226 Eye shadow shading brush
- 242 Eye shadow blending brush
- 274 Eyebrow brush
- 108 Foundation brush
- 158 Blush/Sculpting brush
- 128 Powder brush
- Professional brush pouch

MAKE UP FOR EVER - Artisan Brush Kit
So that would be my wishlist, what would you buy? Or have you bought any of these, what did you think of them? Next post is going to be a little bit of a departure from my usual beauty ramblings so look out for that. 

- Shruti


  1. I was lucky enough to get a set on mini mix 'n' match Jo Malone perfumes once. They were gorgeous! And by layering you could create personalised scents.

  2. What a great idea to layer! I had never thought of that. Once I finish one of my perfumes, the Jo Malone set will be mine :) x