Monday, October 7, 2013

The Newbie - Nude Natural Radiance Set

It's been a few months since I started using my new NUDE skincare. I was in Sephora (a usual occurance) and I made a huge mistake and smelled the NUDE cleansing oil, I think this might have my favourite scent of all time. It's soooo beautiful that I decided to buy it. As I was walking to the checkout I realised that NUDE had a new skincare set out that included my (now) beloved Perfect Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes (15 ml) but also included a Radiant Day Moisturiser (15 ml) and their ever popular Pro-Genius Treatment Oil (10 ml), all for the not so un-reasonable $39 (The set is worth about $67, so you are saving about 40%). So I decided to give this set a go instead.

NUDE Natural Radiance Set
I love skincare value sets as I find that they are much better value than buying individual products and this one is a huge value if you look at the prices of the individual products.

Now, this set is no longer available in Sephora, however it is available in the UK at SpaceNK and online on NUDE's website for £38, which is quite high compared to the US price. Not sure why that is.

NUDE Natural Radiance Set

Now onto the packaging of the set and the individual products. I love the way the set is packaged, it's sleek and beautiful. I can just imagine how thrilled someone will be if they received this, I know I would have been. The moisturiser and the cleansing oil both come in similar tall plastic packaging which has a great pump and is very travel friendly. I adore anything with a pump. The Pro-Genius Treatment oil comes in a fab looking purple bottle with a stopper which looks so cute, but isn't the easiest thing to use as I am clumsy and always worry about the oil making the bottle all slippy etc. But the stopper is handy to dispense just the right amount of product.

I will start with my favourite product of the three and it's the Perfect Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes. I have never been a fan of using oil on my face, as a serum or a cleanser. Just seems wrong. But this product has made me into a convert. Not only does it have the aforementioned amazing smell, it is light and with the minimal amount of rubbing onto the skin will remove all traces of makeup and dirt. It's just a brilliant product. A final caveat, I tend to use an eye makeup remover before cleansing my face with this oil as I am uncomfortable rubbing oil near my eyes. The full size costs $36 for 100 ml.

The Radiant Day Moisturiser is great too for everyday use. I have already run out of this after using it for 3 weeks. I love that it is a light cream that delivers enough hydration for everyday. It never feels heavy or oily and it smells divine. The full size costs $52 for 30 ml.

Onto the most famous of face oils - the Pro-Genius Treatment oil. Is it really worth the hype you ask me. I am not sure yet. I enjoy using it. I apply 2 or 3 drops of this to my face at night before bed and I have found that I don't need an additional moisturiser! This is quite a feat for me as I live in Chicago and the air is dry and winds are chilly so I really was impressed to find that this works as a serum cum moisturiser for me. I have to say though, that I haven't noticed a huge change in my skin condition. It looks good, same as always (thankfully, I don't suffer from breakouts). It is meant to make skin look luminous and I believe that is pretty true. I just don't think this is a MUST HAVE product especially since this costs $78 for 30 ml! But it does work really well for me and I have to say even though you only get 10 ml of this oil, I am not even half way through after 6 weeks of using this set!! So you only need a little.

I think that the NUDE skincare range is wonderful and worth the higher price tag, however I think that if you want to dabble, their value sets might be the way to go. If you live in the US, they have some more value sets out - the Discover Radiance Duo ($25) which includes 10 ml of the Pro-Genius Treatment oil and 15 ml of the Radiance Day Moisturiser and Essential Skin Radiance Kit ($52) which includes the full size of the Cleansing oil, 15ml of the Pro-Genius Treatment oil and 15 ml of the Cellular Renewal Moisturiser.

Maybe one for the Christmas wish list? What do you think?


  1. Wish the air was dry here.... I hate humidity. WOuld you say thi is better than the midnight recovery thing?

  2. I haven't tried the Midnight recovery, however the Pro-Genius oil is great for giving you that glow as well as hydration. I think this will work even in humid climates.

  3. It's fab! You'll love it :)