Monday, July 8, 2013

The Review - The Monday Blues... Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner pencil review

I am sorry I have been rubbish as posting on the blog last week, but I was away in the ever beautiful San Francisco and then indulging in great wine in the Napa Valley (look out for my post about 5 days in California, coming soon) and I decided to take a short break from blogging while I was away. But I got back early this morning and here we are :)

Rimmel Scandaleyes

Rimmel is a great drugstore brand because they come out with some excellent products in fun vibrant colours. I love nudes and warm browns as much as the next girl but sometimes I just want to have some fun with makeup and Rimmel products are usually a great place to start. 

I think the Scandaleyes eye liner pencils came out last year in the UK but was launched in the States in Spring 2013 so this post isn't too out of date I hope. I found them in my local ULTA and was so excited that they had testers that I swatched a couple of them and was in LOVE! I have plenty of eyeliners though, I am still working through some of the Prestige ones I bought in Boots in the UK about 4 years ago!!! So I only decided to get one shade - Bright Blue. I don't see this shade online on ULTA but it was definitely available in store. As you might imagine, it's a startlingly bright blue and works wonderfully with my brown eyes. What I love about these pencils apart from the amazing price ($3.49!), is their buttery texture which means that applying the eyeliner is a dream. You can use these to tightline or on the waterline, but I tend to use them as a normal eyeliner on my lids. Even though they are buttery, they last all day on me and stay bright throughout the day too, even in the sweltering muggy Chicago summer.

If you are in the market for a basic essential eyeliner (black, brown or nude) or a funky coloured one, I recommend trying these. There are lots of shades (I really fancy the purple and the turquoise) and should be easily available in most countries.

Have you tried any of the Scandaleyes pencils? Let me know what you thought of them. Also, if you would like me to do a little recommendation post on what colours work well with a specific eye colour let me know, I could pull something together :)


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