Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Travel - Wanderlust series

I love traveling, well maybe love is an understatement. I'm as obsessed with it as a dog is with a bone. I don't really know when this obsession began, but we moved around a little when I was young (back in India) and then we made the big move to Wales when I was 15. I changed school a few times and we moved cities/countries/continents a few times. I suppose in my own small world, I was exposed to lots of change, and while change can be scary, for me at least the first emotion is always excitement. 

Now to those who know me even a little bit, this post / series won't be a total surprise but hopefully my crazy passion for traveling will translate well on paper (well the interweb.. you know what I mean).

I don't have a fixed agenda about what I am going to write about, it will come to me as we go along (she prays). So where have I been so far? Well just before my 30th birthday in December I visited my 25th country :) That might sound impressive but that is only about a tenth of the world and it's really not about the number of places, it's what you do when you get there.

The countries in dark blue are the ones I have been to
I hope that through these series of posts, we can inspire each other to save up and roam the world. I would love any suggestions for posts as this is a new adventure we are starting on, I will need all your help. Speak soon! Adios.


  1. I echo your obsession with travelling. Even though I may not be planning a vacation.. I am always finding the "next-destination" :P

    1. I know.. me too!! So what is your next destination going to be then?