Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Notes - Perilious journey through Macys

Drawing courtesy of Tami T-N
Shopping for makeup makes me feel a little sick. Sounds strange doesn't it? I love makeup, I enjoy buying it, but then why am I not jumping for joy at the prospect of walking in to a departmental store and shopping for it?

Here's why - I hate that every time I walk up to a makeup counter a woman magically appears trying to tell me what I need. I know what I need people, I need to be left alone. I have been given an on the spot skin consultation, advise about how to blend foundation, advise about what lip liners are (I KNOW!) and endless questions about my current skincare routine.

It's enough to put me off going, in fact lately I have been doing most of my beauty shopping online. I just don't have endless hours to waste in Macys when all I want is to check what shade of foundation I need or to check out the new MAC collection. I may not look it (I rarely wear makeup when I go makeup shopping as I like to swatch foundations and concealers on my jawline to find the perfect match and you can't do that with makeup on), so like I said I may not look like I know how to wear makeup but ladies trust me, I will ask for help when I need it. Back off.

So after all this, I was DELIGHTED to hear that one of my favourite brands has finally heard my rant and decided to offer a different shopping experience. Clinique has unveiled it's first salesperson free makeup counter at Bloomingdales in NYC. They have a sign that reads  "Carry a Clinique browsing basket and we'll leave you alone. Promise," above the stack of shopping baskets. Clinique's trained salespeople wearing the familiar white lab coats are still on hand to answer questions or demonstrate in a full consultation, but they will not bother shoppers until they are approached. In Clinique's new approach, called "Service As You Like It," consumers can open wide drawers and help themselves to product without asking permission. "Know what you need? Just grab and go," labels say.

Thank you Clinique, now they just have to unveil one in Chicago.

Do you guys share my views? Any scary makeup shopping stories to share? 


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