Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Review - My Face Works sheet masks

What are sheet masks I hear you ask.. well they are sheets (of cotton or paper, etc.) that are pre-soaked in a solution that is designed to combat certain skin issues or provide protection or hydration. The great thing about these masks is that they are travel friendly and since you cannot walk around while using these, you have no choice but to relax. The cons are that they can be expensive and messy to use.

Sheets masks are extremely popular in Asia and for the last few years they have been a growing trend out here too. Big brands such as Lancome, Shisedo and eve drugstore brands like Neutrogena have brought out sheet masks (although we can only get hold of these on ebay currently). I was really intrigued about how sheet masks would work and whether they are truly better than using a mask straight onto the face.

I found the My Face Works (MFW) sheet masks on sale on for $5.00 for each sachet which contains 2 masks. I thought that was a fair price for them. MFW has the largest collection of sheet masks that I have come across, they make 13 different ones and there is even one for under the eyes.

The ones I have are:
  • i need to detox - this is a green tea facial mask to combat daily pollutants and restore a dull face. Suitable for normal skin types with oily tendencies.
  • i need to bring out my youth - this is an anti-wrinkle facial mask to help reverse the signs of aging. Suitable for all skin types.
  • i need to replenish - this is an intense hydrating mask to quench your skin with essential hydration. Suitable for normal to dry skin types.
  • i need to wake up - this is a vitamin-c radiance facial masks when all you need is a little pick me up. Suitable for all skin types.
I have only tried the i need to detox mask and it was quite effective. 

Tips when using a sheet mask -
  • Keep a towel handy as these can be messy.
  • If the sheet does not fit your face well, you can always make the holes larger or fold the excess sheet over on your face.
  • You can either wash off the serum afterwards or leave it on. I prefer to leave it on.
  • It is tempting to re-use a used mask as they rarely dry in the 15-20 mins but thats pretty unhygenic so I tend to just rub the mask on my legs and arms and then throw out the used mask. 
Where to buy these - you can find these on ($10.43 for each sachet with 2 sheets and they deliver all over the world) and ($55 for a 6 pack)

If you can't afford these or these aren't available in your country, don't worry, I got your back :) I am going to do a DIY sheet mask post for you guys in a few days, so look out for it.

Let me know if you have tried a sheet mask before, did you like using it? Which ones are your favourite?


  1. Hi Shruti!Good info.Especially like the tip about using the mask on face and hands post face use, always did feel a twinge when trashing the deliciously wet mask post face use.I have used the Lancome and Clinique masks and found them quite satisfactory.Keep the info coming.Cheers.Praachi

  2. Correction: typing error: on hands, arms and legs.

    1. Hey Praachi.. thanks so much for visiting. I didn't know Clinique made these as well... hmmm must have a nosey at the Clinique counter soon. :)

  3. These things scare me a little more than they probably should. It's so hard to moisturize my oily skin! Great review.

    We Are Oceans | beauty, food, & lifestyle blog

    1. Haha... yeah they are a little scary.. I use these when I am home along and avoid looking in the mirror :) Well I think it's lucky that you have oily skin it means that you will age well. I think that you should keep to light moisturisers during the day but go a little thick at night. I really like the First Aid Beauty moisturiser for night time. I will be doing a review soon about it.