Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Menu - A perfectly lancome spring lip ...

I don't own many high end lipsticks. The three that we are going to talk about today are minis that came with the Lancome 2011 christmas gift set. So naturally in my eyes, they were free :)

I love the packaging, its sleek and modern and not overly branded. The full size versions come in the same packaging, in case you are wondering.

I must say though, the formula is quite creamy and on me doesn't last for longer than 3 hours even if I don't eat or drink. Which means I will be running out of these babies sooner than I thought and that's a shame as $30 each they are pricey.

Lancome lipsticks

I love the colours, my favourite has to be the red (no. 132) of course. It's the perfect hot red, with enough orange in it to really make it pop. I wore this on my 30th birthday in December.

Lancome L'absolu Rouge - 132
The pink (no. 302) is a so pretty, I haven't seen anything like this in the drugstore lip section lately. I think the closest would be a Rimmel lipstick that I used to have but hit pan on ages ago. Will try and remember the name.

Lancome L'absolu Nu -302
Last but certainly not the least is a fabulous nude pink (no. 06). It has enough pigmentation to counteract the pink in my lips and make them nude. It isn't one of those brown nudes that make you look like something out of a zombie movie.
Lancome L'absolu Rouge - 06

Which are your favourite high end lipstick brands? Any colours that you just cannot live without?


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